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Original. Authentic. 

Originality and Authenticity are the foundational pillars of my coaching philosophyMost coaches can teach you how to learn lines, hit your mark, stay in frame, and maybe even how to get an agent, but not many can teach you what I can...because most haven't been where I've been.



First, WE start with you - the person, then we move on to you - the actor/performer/entertainer.  my belief is that to truly embody a role, you must know who you are.  To reach the pinnacle of your artistry, it's paramount that you have a damned good grasp of who you are, what you believe, how you perceive yourself (and are you good with that), and how the world perceives you (and are you good with that). Once that has been established and you've sharpened the necessary tools, then You carve out your place in history with precision.  you will craft a process to market the monster you've created, so booking rolls just becomes an extension of who you are.

given time and focus, I believe that I can help you discover the undeniable value in your artistry.  so...Let's get to work!

Let’s Work Together

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