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Chris Warner currently lives in Los Angeles and writes mostly gritty action dramas for both TV and features.  He is presently enrolled in the Roadmap Writers Career Writing Program.  Chris is an only child and Army brat who was raised playing Texas high school football.  Because of his exposure to the military, Chris usually explores stories centered around a dark horse, deep in the muck, overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve justice. He writes aggressive, impactful and heart wrenching stories that reveal the good side of bad – the DNA of the anti-hero, if you will.

WRITER COMPS: Clint Eastwood meets Quentin Tarantino – with a dash of Taylor Sheridan.


- Don't Make the bed

- Pain

- Pornography of violence (co-writer)

- tHE stain BOYS

- Quantum Outlaws


- bAR bET


SHORT screenplays

- Remember when

- Choices

- A hero's welcome

- Finding Sherry

- The Punisher Project

- Black

- Bisbee

TV Pilots

- Bisbee

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